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Almost all football and cheer athletes in Bedford will play in AYF or cheer in AYC. However, some athletes around age 12 will have a choice of where to play. The AYF Bulldogs will field a 12U team, and the JHL Bulldogs will field both Varsity and JV teams at the 7th and 8th grade level of the Northeast Jr High League. To help parents make the best decision for their young athlete, we have assembled this side by side comparison.

Please note that the AYF/AYC Bulldogs and the JHL Bulldogs have separate board of directors and bylaws. These boards collaborate very closely and work together on many things such as fundraising, but ultimately they are separate organizations and have separate registration processes. Please read below before registering to make sure you register in the correct place. 

Still have questions? Email our Football Director HERE and he can help. 


  • 2019 Head Coach: Chris Maye
  • Age rule: 12U - Cannot turn 13 on or before 8/1
  • All AYF teams compete in  NHYFSC - The New Hampshire Youth Football & Spirit Conference.  This is New Hampshire’s branch of AYF football.  
  • The 12U team will be a single team, and players will remain on that roster for the entirety of the season. 
  • Minimum Play Requirements (MPRs) mandate that every player play a certain number of plays each game. Number of plays is determined by roster size, but is no less than 10 plays per game.
  • Games are typically played on Sundays.


  • 2019 Head Coach: John Twite
  • Age rule: All players shall be less than freshman (grade 9) in school and not have reached their 15th birthday by October 1st. 
  • The JHL Bulldogs will field a Varsity and Jr Varsity team at the Division 1 level of the Northeast Junior High League. 
  • The 7th/8th JHL teams are split into Varsity and Jr Varsity. Each week, 18 players will be "slated" to be Varsity players and are not eligible to play in the JV game. All other players may play Varsity or JV, at the coaches' discretion. Rosters for Varsity and JV can change any given week. 7th and 8th graders can and will play with and against each other. 
  • There are no Minimum Play Requirements for JHL games, but the JHL philosophy is that every athlete will have the opportunity to play at the JV or Varsity level over the course of the season.
  • The JHL team will play many of the same opponents as Bedford HS.
  • Games are typically played on Saturday nights. 


To register for AYF, please go here:

To register for JHL, please go to the JHL website here: