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Raffle Winners Announced

By Bulldogs BOD, 09/28/18, 9:00AM EDT


Hello Youth Bulldog Families,

I would like to take a few minutes to first THANK everyone who sold raffle tickets to help support our organization. The raffle fundraiser was a huge success. The money we raised will help pay for new uniforms, equipment,  practice spaces, competition music and Choreography for our football and cheer teams, - THANK YOU!!!!! 

Please congratulate the top 4 athletes (2 Football and 2 Cheer) who sold the most raffles. I will be in touch with your team parent to get you your winnings!

1st Prize $150 - Alyssa Laurendeau Cheer Div. 10 selling 56 raffles

2nd Prize $100 - Colby Boyd 11u selling 42 raffles

3rd Prize $75 - Trenton Otero 9u Selling 40 raffles

4th Prize $50 - Maya Scott – Ruiz Adaptive Cheer selling 20 raffles

Below is the list of raffle winners along with the athlete’s name who sold the winning raffle ticket. I have been in touch with all of the team moms and they should have prizes within the week. They should be contacting each athlete on their team. If you haven’t heard from them by the end next of week, please contact them. Thank you!

1. $50 GC Dicks 
WINNER: Heather Santiago 
Athlete: Kirsten Santiago

2. $50 Cupcake101 GC
WINNER: Ryan Burke 
Athlete: Ryan Burke

3. 2 Tickets to Santa Village and $ 25 GC The Common Man
WINNER: Nena Dollard
Athlete: Logan Dollard 
4. $50 Dicks GC
WINNER: Stacy McConnell
Athlete: Gavin McConnell

5. 5 $50 GC to Shorty’s ($250 Total)
WINNER: Jim Raizes
Athlete: Andre Steinbrueck

6. Chunky’s and Inside Scoop
WINNER: Anna Stabell
Athlete: Anna Stabell
7. $50 GC to Purtain 
WINNER: Lauri Carroll
Athlete: Megan Carroll
8. Chuckster’s and You’re Fired
WINNER: Melinda Calkins
Athlete: Camero Calkins
9. 4 Tickets to SNHU Marvel Universe Live 
WINNER: Emma Guerette
Athlete: Jonathan Guerette

10. $100 GC to Dick’s 
WINNER: Chayse Dube
Athlete: Stella Moulis 

11. Ski Tickets to Cranmore
WINNER : Tracel O’Neill
Athlete: Amelia MacDonald 

12. $50 GC to Dicks Sporting Good
WINNER: Altemus
Athlete: Amanda Altemus

13. $50 CopperDoor GC 
WINNER: Matt Leary
Athlete: Alyssa Laurendeau

14. $50 Dicks Sporting GC
WINNER: Greg Henrichon
Athlete: Spencer Henrichon

15. 1 Night at the Revere Hotel
WINNER: Delores Jury
Athlete: John Prachars
16. $50 Firefly GC
WINNER: Robert Irving
Athlete: Irelyn Kane

17. $50 Foundry GC
WINNER: Paul LaChapelle
Athlete: Kaitlyn Boyd
18. 1 Week Parking Pass to MHT and $50 GC to Dicks Sporting Good 
WINNER: Cindy Kenney
Athlete: Grace Kenney

19. 2019 Bulldog Registration
Athlete: Kaylee Moran

20. $50 Cupcake 101 GC
WINNER: Ryan Toscano
Athlete: Sean Toscano

21. $50 GC Dick’s 
WINNER : Guibord
Athlete: Connor Guibord

22. 2 Tickets to the Palace
WINNER : Jacob Brimblecom
Athlete: Owen Brimblecom

23. $50 GC 1750 Taphouse 
WINNER: Diego Catano
Athlete: Trenton Otero

24. $50 GC at Dick’s
WINNER: Garret Janicke
Athlete: M Janicke

25. $25 iTunes GC $ $ 25 Cash
WINNER: Julie Doty
Athlete: Sam Doty
26. $50 GC Bedford Nails
WINNER: Paul Dodds
Athlete: Ava McPherson

27. $50 Bulldogs Merchandise Credit
WINNER: Ian Day-Lewis
Athlete: Ariell Berman

28. $50 Cash
WINNER: Krisy Looney
Athlete: Quinn Looney

29. 4 Tickets to SNHU Marvel Universe Live
WINNER: Matt Helmke
Athlete: Will Helmke
30. $50 GC at Dick’s
WINNER: Becky Osburn
Athlete: Colby Boyd

31. $50 GC Fratello’s
WINNER: Kevin Pozzi
Athlete: Colby Snow

32. $50 GC 1750 Taphouse
WINNER: Ann O’Donnell
Athlete: Sam O’Donnell

33. 2 Hour Jump at Launch & $25 Merch Bulldogs
WINNER: Diane Durkee
Athlete: Ian Hatcher

34. $50 GC Table 8 Pasta
WINNER: Elinor Murphy
Athlete: Liam Cote 

35. $50 GC Amazon
WINNER: Colleen Liccione
Athlete: Kayla Liccione

Once again, THANK YOU for your support!
Darlene Boyd 
BYFA Fundraiser Coordinator