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Raffle Calendar Winners Announced

By Darlene Boyd, 10/25/17, 3:45PM EDT


Hello Youth Bulldog Families, 

I would like to take a few minutes to first THANK everyone who sold raffle tickets to help support our organization.  The raffle fundraiser was a huge success.  The money we raised will help pay for new uniforms and equipment for our football and spirit teams, practice spaces, and competition music.     


I would like to congratulate the top 4 athletes who sold the most raffles.

1st Prize $150 -           Trenton Otero Football 9u Selling 70 raffles

2nd Prize $100 -         Alyssa Laurendeau Cheer Div 10 selling 40 raffles

3rd Prize $75 -             Owen Brimblecom Football Flag selling 30 raffles

4th Prize $50 -             Lankford Cheer Div 8 selling 24 raffles


Below is the list of raffle winners along with the athlete’s name who sold the winning raffle ticket.  Either Scott Murphy or I will be bringing prizes to one of the cheer practices this week.  Please see your coach or team mom for your prizes.  If your season is over we will contact you via email to get your prize to you.


1. $100 Cash 

WINNER: Kevin David

Athlete:  Aidan Sonderman


2. $50 Puritan GC

WINNER:  Barbara O’Connell

Athlete: Olivia


3. $50 GC to CopperDoor

WINNER:  Martha Nguyen

Athlete:  Ben Nguyen


4. $50 Cupcake 101

WINNER:  Judy Duhaime

Athlete: Chloe Avallone


5. $50 GC to Dicks Sporting Goods

WINNER:  Jesse Landers

Athlete:  Luke Rodgers


6. Mani and Pedi at Bedford Nails

WINNER:  Janet Fischer

Athlete:  Justin Chiras


7. $50 Merch Credit for Bedford Youth Bulldogs

WINNER:  Renee Fletcher

Athlete:  Fletcher


8. Golf Bag and Apparel

WINNER:  Eyan Arel

Athlete: Brooke Battistelli


9. $75 Indian Head Athletics

WINNER:  Zach Gagnon

Athlete: James Collins


10. $50 GC to Dicks Sporting Goods

WINNER:  Beth Berry

Athlete: Tessa Berry


11.  $50 GC to Pizza Mia

WINNER :  Melissa Janicke

Athlete:  Gunnar Janicke


12. 1 Week Parking Pass to MHT and $50 GC to Dicks Sporting Good

WINNER:  Stanley Dudka

Athlete:  Tommy Brisson


13. $100 Cash

WINNER:  Shane Garrett

Athlete: Mason Garrett


14. $50 GC to BVI

WINNER:  Keri Santos

Athlete:  Camden Santos


15.  Pure Barre 2 Weeks and $50 Dicks Sporting GC

WINNER:  John Riso

Athlete:  Jack Riso


16.  $50 CopperDoor GC

WINNER:  Jeanne Marcoux

Athlete:  Samuel Doty


17.  $50 Cupcake 101 GC

WINNER:  Piscione

Athlete:  Piscione


18.  $50  Dicks Sporting Good GC

WINNER:  Timothy Orreo

Athlete: Teghan McConnell


19. 6 Studio fees @ You’re Fired

WINNER:  Brenda Case

Athlete:  Alex Arias


20. $50 Dicks Sporting Goods GC

WINNER:  Beth Stuart

Athlete: Ben Stuart


21. 4 Hour Jump, Pizza, and soda at Launch

WINNER :  Kate Rice

Athlete:  Thomas Rice


22.  $50 Dicks Sporting Goods GC

WINNER :  Julie Palmeter

Athlete:  Alyssa Laurendeau


23.  $50 Merch Credit for Bedford Youth Bulldogs

WINNER:  Bill Lander

Athlete:  Channing Lankford


24.  $50 GC at LuiLui

WINNER:  Ed Lennon

Athlete: Luke Rodgers


25.  $100 GC at Dicks Sporting Goods

WINNER:  Matt Surgento

Athlete: Sam Surgento


26.  2108 Bedford Youth Bulldog Registration

WINNER:  Kim Allsop

Athlete: Rocco Allsop


27.  $50 Amazon GC

WINNER:  Madison Goldstein

Athlete: Caleb Goldstein


28.  $50 iTunes GC

WINNER:  Evan Schmitt

Athlete: Evan Schmitt


29.  $50 Murphy’s Taproom GC

WINNER:  Gary Lundh

Athlete: Gunnar Janicke


30.  $50 Target GC

WINNER:  Anita Ritenour

Athlete: Sam Ravenelle

Once again thank you, everyone, for your support!

Darlene Boyd & Scott Murphy
BYFA Fundraiser Coordinators